Valeria Araya

Valeria has a background in chemistry engineering with focus on environmental chemistry, with additional studies within business acumen from NKI (Norway) and a Master of Management from BI Norwegian Business School. She has twenty years of work experience from an international food and snacking company with a broad spectrum of roles within the company. Experience from laboratory, procurement, project management, brand management, logistics, warehouse management, customs and supply chain. Since September 2017 she has worked in Eurofins to further develop her knowledge within the food business, and in the autumn of 2018 she led the launch of a Food Fraud Network in Norway.

Valeria's passion within the fight against food fraud is knowledge sharing through analysis of global economies and supply chains, how this information can help to support detection of early warnings. Climate changes will mean new challenges for the food production in the future, and “connecting the dots” within the maze of information is important for companies so they can have a proactive approach on potential food fraud. Information gathering through social media gives the possibility to support the companies´ vulnerability assessments. Since it is difficult to keep up to date networks are important to optimize the use of resources. You can connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn on

Topic of presentation:  

Proactive vulnerability assessment of seasonal raw materials/products.