Rikke C. Dahl, Food Consultant, Eurofins Steins Laboratorium

Rikke has a M.Sc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology. She has worked for Eurofins Steins since 2015 in the Food Consultancy dept. Rikke was a founding member of the Eurofins Steins Food Fraud Intelligence Team (FFIT), which was established in 2016. The FFIT has developed the SAVE-system, which may be used as a screening tool when evaluating your vulnerability towards food fraud.

The FFIT has also held several training courses, as well as issuing frequent news letters on the subject.

A networking group on Food Fraud was established in 2018, where manufacturers and retailers meet to discuss the subject.

Topic of presentation:

Vulnerability assessment (SAVE – Screening And Vulnerability Evaluation)