Liz Moran (Public Analyst Scientific Services and Eurofins Food Safety Solutions )

Liz is Head of Public Analyst Scientific Services and Eurofins Food Safety Solutions in the UK, both part of the Eurofins Life Sciences Group.

Liz is a Public Analyst with 27 years’ experience in the testing of food and animal feed, the fields of consumer safety, forensic toxicology and environmental testing, starting her career at the City Analyst’s Laboratory in Liverpool in 1992. She joined Eurofins in 2003, working in several food testing labs around the UK and is now based at the Head Office in Wolverhampton. Specialist areas include food fraud, food labelling, the adulteration or substitution of food with lower quality or harmful foods and contamination of food and feed. Liz was involved in the investigations and testing which followed the Sudan dyes scandal in 2003 and the horse meat scandal in 2013.

She has an MSc. in Instrumental Chemical Analysis and was awarded the Mastership in Chemical Analysis (MChemA) by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the statutory qualification for appointment as a Public Analyst, in 2006. She received her MBA in 2019.

Liz is Past President of the Association of Public Analysts and Chair of the APA Training Committee. She is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is a member of the RSC Professional Standards Board. She is an examiner for the MChemA qualification and is a member of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST).

In 2014 Liz was named in the UK Top 100 Practising Scientists by the Science Council. In 2016 she was included in the 175 Faces of Chemistry to mark the 175th anniversary of the Royal Society of Chemistry.