Kristian Holst Laursen, Assistant Professor; Section for plant and soil sciences, University of Copenhagen

Biography: Kristian Holst Laursen holds a MSc in agronomy and a PhD in plant nutrition and analytical chemistry. His scientific focus areas are plant nutrition, food quality, analytical chemistry and chemometrics. He has contributed to several studies aimed at unravelling the functional roles of nutrients in plant metabolism and has utilized his background in fundamental plant science for investigating the quality and authenticity of plant based food products. In these studies he has developed analytical methods for authenticating the geographical and agricultural origin of plants – including novel methods for multi-element and stable isotope ratio analysis.

Kristian Holst Laursen is currently leader of the research theme Plant Nutrition, Quality and Food Authenticity at the Plant and Soil Science Section (Dept. of Plant and Environmental Sciences) and has participated in several research projects on food quality and authenticity (e.g. COM-ISO, FoodIntegrity and AuthenticFood). Main findings from these projects will be presented at the conference.   

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Topic of presentation:

Targeted versus non-targeted methods for food authenticity testing.

Authenticity testing of organic products.