Save the date for the next International Food Fraud Conference, which will take place in Amsterdam 22 - 23. September 2020. Further information will be made available as soon as possible

In collaboration with Danish Food Cluster, Eurofins Steins present the international conference on Food Fraud and Adulteration 2019 – the largest collaborative conversation on food fraud in Denmark so far. 

This unique event will bring together leading international specialists in food fraud mitigation as well as analysis from several European countries and companies/food authorities.

The event will take place the 17th and 18th September in Vejle in Southern Denmark – one of the hearts of the Danish food industry employment. 

Join us in Vejle, to take part in the largest collaborative conversation on food fraud in Denmark so far.


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From participant number 2 and upward there is a 500 DKK discount 

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There has never been a more relevant time

There has never been a more exciting time to work in the food industry. With a global supply chain, changing consumer demands and new developments in science and technology the food industry is experiencing extensive, exponential change.

While the future may offer exciting opportunities, it will also hold unique challenges for the industry. The conference will offer keynote lectures on how companies, retailers, scientists, food authorities both national and EU work towards mitigating food fraud.

Program 17 Sep 

08.30-09.00 am Registration and breakfast
09.00-09.10 am

Opening and welcome

Lone Ryg Olsen, CEO, Danish Food Cluster


Introduction to the term food fraud

Svend Aage Linde, CEO, Eurofins DNSC


Vulnerability assessment (SAVE – Screening And Vulnerability Evaluation)

Henriette Schønwandt, Senior Food Consultant, Eurofins Steins

Rikke C. Dahl, Food Consultant, Eurofins Steins

10.20-10.35 BREAK

DNA-based Food Authenticity Control

Dr. Ilka Haase, Business Development Manager Food, Eurofins Genomics, Germany

11.20-12.00 Working with food fraud mitigating procedures and verification,

Ulla Luhtasela, Nordic head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs,  Nestlé

12.00-13.00 LUNCH

Working with food fraud mitigating procedures and verification

Ulrikke Benzon Penter, Product specialist, Coop Trading


The importance of knowing your supply chain

Joerg Lickfett, Eurofins Germany

14.20-14.35 BREAK

Proactive vulnerability assessment of seasonal raw materials/products. 

Valeria Araya, Key Account Manager, Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Norway


Block chain

Petter Olsen, Senior Researcher, Nofima

15.50-16.00 BREAK
16.00-16.30 Panel debate between all keynote speakers, moderated by Lone Ryg Olsen, CEO, Danish Food Cluster
19.00 - Conference Dinner - Join us in our exclusive dinner event 


Program 18 Sep 

08.20-08.50 am Breakfast

Opening and welcome

Thomas Hornbæk Jakobsen, Head of projects, Danish Food Cluster


How EU works with issues related to food fraud 

Jørgen Kruhl Jensen, Senior Advisor; Control Coordination, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration


How Denmark works with issues related to food fraud 

Michael Rosenmark, Head of Division, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration



10.45 - 11.30

Authenticity analysis (an overview of the advantages and considerations of the different analysis)

Eric Jamin, Director Eurofins Food Fraud Competence Centre, Nantes, France


Food fraud – experience from the industry

Vibeke Bagger, Food & Beverage Manager, Region North Europe DNV GL - DNV GL - Business Assurance




Preventing food fraud for organic products. 

Gerald A. Herrmann, Director, Organic Services


Targeted versus non-targeted analysis for authentication of organic products

Kristian Holst LaursenAssistant Professor, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen




A 360° approach to investigating and preventing food fraud

Liz MoranHead of Public Analyst Scientific Services and Eurofins Food Safety Solutions


Panel debate between all keynote speakers, moderated by Thomas Hornbæk Jakobsen, Head of projects, Danish Food Cluster





Eric Jamin

Eric Jamin has been working for Eurofins Scientific in Nantes since 1995. After an initial PhD research work on stable isotope analysis of fruit and tobacco, he has been involved in quality assurance, client support and Research & Development in food analytical chemistry.

Eric Jamin

Jörg Lickfett

After an agricultural education, studied agricultural sciences with a focus on business administration, followed by a 2nd state examination at the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. Then postgraduate studies in industrial engineering with a focus on development economics.

Jörg Lickfett

Gerald Herrmann

Gerald A. Herrmann, an agricultural engineer, is a pioneer in the organic sector, since the 1980s. He is a worldwide renowned specialist and organic industry expert and speaker.

Gerald Herrmann

Kristian Holst Laursen

My scientific focus areas are plant nutrition, food quality, analytical chemistry and chemometrics. I have contributed to several studies aimed at unravelling the functional roles of nutrients in plant metabolism. I have also utilized my background in fundamental plant science for investigating the quality and authenticity of plant based food products. In these studies analytical methods have been developed for authenticating the geographical and agricultural origin of plants.

Kristian Holst Laursen

Petter Olsen

Petter Olsen has investigated seafood fraud in Europe, wine fraud in China, has led the development work for the European standard CWA 17369 "Authenticity and fraud in the feed and food chain - Concepts, terms, and definitions", and is the main author behind the report "Applications, limitations, costs, and benefits related to the use of blockchain technology in the food industry" which is available at the website

Petter Olsen

Michael Rosenmark

Michael har en baggrund i Politiet, hvor han arbejdede i 22 år. Han startede med at køre patrulje på Nørrebro i firserne, og siden var han 10 år i PET. Han har taget en lederuddannelse i Politiet, hvor han til sidste fungerede som vicekriminalinspektør i Lyngby. For 13 år siden blev han ansat i Fødevarestyrelsen, hvor han fik til opgave at etablere og lede Fødevarekontrollens Rejsehold, som blev sat i verden som en politisk reaktion på en kødskandale. Rejseholdet talte i starten 6 årsværk, men er i dag vokset til en enhed på ca. 30 årsværk.

Michael Rosenmark


Valeria Araya

Valeria has a background in chemistry engineering with focus on environmental chemistry, with additional studies within business acumen from NKI (Norway) and a Master of Management from BI Norwegian Business School. Since September 2017 she has worked in Eurofins to further develop her knowledge within the food business, and in the autumn of 2018 she led the launch of a Food Fraud Network in Norway.

Valeria Araya

Ulrikke Benzon Penter

Product specialist in Coop Trading since 2012. I manage quality assurance, documentation, development and maintenance of Private Brand products (Änglamark, Coop and Xtra brand), to ensure adherence to applicable legislation and the Product and Quality demands from Coop Group. Active member of Coop Trading's fraud task force.

Ulrikke Benzon Penter

Rikke C. Dahl (Food Consultant)

Rikke has a M.Sc in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology. She has worked for Eurofins Steins since 2015 in the Food Consultancy dept. Rikke was a founding member of the Eurofins Steins Food Fraud Intelligence Team (FFIT), which was established in 2016. The FFIT has developed the SAVE-system, which may be used as a screening tool when evaluating your vulnerability towards food fraud. The FFIT has also held several training courses, as well as issuing frequent news letters on the subject. A networking group on Food Fraud was established in 2018, where manufacturers and retailers meet to discuss the subject.

Rikke C. Dahl (Food Consultant)

Henriette Schønwandt (Senior Food Consultant)

Henriette has a M.Sc in Dairy Science. She has worked for Eurofins Steins since 2015 in the Food Consultancy dept. Before this she worked in the capacity of QEHS manager for various sites at Arla Foods and other companies. Henriette was also a founding member of the Eurofins Steins Food Fraud Intelligence Team (FFIT).

Henriette Schønwandt (Senior Food Consultant)

Svend Aage Linde (CEO, Eurofins Food & Feed NDSC)

Svend Aage Linde has a MSc in Analytical Chemistry. He established in 1981 his own laboratory and developed it very successfully to become one of the leading Danish Test laboratories. In 2001 he joined the Eurofins Group and has since then been leading the Eurofins expansion in North Europe. He has been daily responsible for Eurofins Steins Laboratorium since 2006 and has qua his analytical chemistry background been the driving force to position Eurofins Steins in Denmark to become the leading national provider of test and consulting within Food Fraud.

Svend Aage Linde (CEO, Eurofins Food & Feed NDSC)


Ulla Luhtasela (Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Unit at Nestlé Nordics)

Participation in several European commissions working groups (during 2008-2012) in the field of: environmental and industrial contaminants, agricultural contaminants, import of risk feed and food, pesticide residues

Ulla Luhtasela (Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Unit at Nestlé Nordics)

Dr Ilke Haase

Dr. Ilka Haase studied food chemistry and received a PhD in food biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich. From 2006 -2013 she was research group leader of the working group “DNA based food analysis” at the University of Hamburg. In 2013 she joined Eurofins Genomics and is business development manager for food. She is member of several official working groups like e.g. the working-group “Biochemical and Molecular Biological Analysis” of the Food Chemical Society (German Chemical Society, chairman since 2017), the working group “Species Identification" of the DIN-Normenausschuss "Lebensmittel und landwirtschaftliche Produkte" and the § 64 LFGB working group "Differentiation of plant and animal species" and of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety.

Dr Ilke Haase

Jørgen Kruhl Jensen

Since being hired as a legal officer in the Ministry of Agriculture in 1990, I have been involved with the food sector both in relation to the regulatory framework and the organization of the control. Over the years, I have been involved in the implementation of the Single European Market, the revision of food law to one law, the jointing of food and veterinary controls under national auspices and the implementation of the Smiley scheme.

Jørgen Kruhl Jensen

Liz Moran

Liz is a Public Analyst with 27 years’ experience in the testing of food and animal feed, the fields of consumer safety, forensic toxicology and environmental testing, starting her career at the City Analyst’s Laboratory in Liverpool in 1992. She joined Eurofins in 2003, working in several food testing labs around the UK and is now based at the Head Office in Wolverhampton. Specialist areas include food fraud, food labelling, the adulteration or substitution of food with lower quality or harmful foods and contamination of food and feed. Liz was involved in the investigations and testing which followed the Sudan dyes scandal in 2003 and the horse meat scandal in 2013.

Liz Moran

Vibeke Bagger

Vibeke has a back ground as Development Manager and Quality Manager within the food industry in Denmark and Sweden. Besides that, she has worked as a food safety auditor in food and feed production. Today she is responsible for DNV GL teams delivering management and certification solutions in North Europe. Vibeke has done both in-house and open training related to food fraud for participants along all the supply chain.

Vibeke Bagger